“Residence Velingrad” is located only 400m away from Velingrad on the road to Yundola in the magnificent area of “Marina Livada”. The housing estate consists of 6 buildings designed in the architecture traditions of the “old” Bulgarian house. The main building – the Residency, is 905 square meters.
Inside you can find a two-floor elegant restaurant with 60 seats and fully-furnished kitchen.
The large sunny veranda outside the restaurant, the marvelous view to the swimming pool and the internal fireplace complement the incredible feeling of comfort and warmth. The two walls covered in river stones and the enormous specially-designed chandelier contribute with a romantic element to the atmosphere of a medieval castle.
The splendid twisted staircase with parapet of forged steel leads from the spa-centre to the president suite that offers a separate kitchen. There are three more separate bedrooms at the same level with fantastic bathrooms in lilac and white!
The residence houses offer an enormous spa-center with steam room, sauna, small swimming pool with a jakuzzi and a waterfall, relaxing room, wine bar (suitable for a play-room or a conference hall).
The building has a central heating with automatic wood boiler which heats the external swimming pool (200 cubic meters).
Each of the halls has a separate air-conditioning system. In the middle of the housing there is an open swimming pool surrounded by beautiful green areas.
The tennis court is in Olympic size, night lightening and red ground in addition to the luxury and comfort at the residency.
If necessary, the court can easily be transformed into a helicopter ground.
Apart from the main building, there are five more individual buildings, one of which with a total size of 245 square meters. It has an amazing bedroom and a living room with view to the swimming pool, dining room, kitchen and two more bedrooms, suitable for families with children.
The other four buildings are 202 square meters of gross floor area. Each of them contains a spacious living room with a wonderful view to the swimming pool, a fireplace and furnished kitchens and dining rooms.
The internal wooden staircase leads to the cozy bedrooms at the second floor, each of which with a separate sanitary room and a terrace. The building is surrounded by a massive stone fence. All buildings are extremely luxurious. The kitchen furniture includes fridges, ovens with ceramic hobs and utensils. The houses are fully furnished, including subtle beddings, gowns and covers. Own system clock video monitoring, internet and the latest generation LED TV receivers.
This heavenly place can be your new home or the place where you rest with friends! For contact: 00359 888 702 196 and 00359 887 31 10 41 (for English speakers); e-mail: fabrika_fobos99@mail.bg
Velingrad is located in the extremely picturesque Chepino Valley at an altitude of 765m in the heart of the Rhodopa Mountain. According to the legend, this is where Orpheus and Dionysius resided, whose temple Alexander the Great and Octavian August attended to receive predictions about the outcome of their crusade against the Thracians. Located also here is the karst spring Kleptuza which has formed a beautiful pond.
Velingrad is only 133km away from the capital Sofia and 85km away from the historic and cultural centre of the country – Plovdiv. Only 31km to the north is the train station Septemvri which is the starting point of the only narrow-gauge track. It passes by the beautiful defile of Chepino, Velingrad, Avramovo – the highest train station on the Balkans, and reaches Bansko as a final destination. The proximity of the resort to the two of the most spectacular mountains in Bulgaria – Rila and Pirin, prominent with their fascinating lakes and ski resorts, adds value to its attractiveness.
Yet the true wealth of Velingrad is its mineral waters!
With its 80 springs, the municipality of Velingrad is at the first place in the country in terms of variety and profusion of spring waters, suitable for treatment of different diseases. The total capacity of the mineral waters is 170l/sec. – one of the highest in Europe! The mineral waters of Velingrad are popular from ancient times. An important characteristic of the water is the presence of radon (Rn) that has healing property. The mineral water is used for treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases, diseases of the loco-motor system, gynecologic problems as well as endocrine and skin diseases. Furthermore, it has an extremely beneficial impact with respect to neurologic, kidney, gastrointestinal, liver as well as cardio-vascular diseases.
Nearby is located the beautiful cave Lepenitsa which can be seen with a guide whereas in the nearby village Dorkovo there is a unique museum where there the remnants of pre-historic mammals are exposed.
At an altitude of 2050m and only 30km away from Velingrad is a dam called Belmeken. There is a sports centre which offers very good conditions for rest and training activities in all kind of sports.
The Dospat and Cigov Chark dams offer excellent conditions for the development of sport and recreational fishing.
The land of Kara Tepe is located at 28km south of Velingrad where the tourists can enjoy beautiful scenery while the hunting-lovers can enjoy the forest and the wonderful conditions for hunting and diverse game – fallow, moufflon, bear, wood-grouse capercailzie, wild boar, ring-dove and others.